Welcome, I’m Judi.

I’m momma to 5 sweet and creative ‘little women’, wife to Charlie and nana to 4 beautiful grand babies, as well as mother in law to 4 great sons-in-law!
Nurturing home and family with creativity has always brought me joy. My daughters share my passion for creating, each in their own unique ways. My hope is to share what we’re making, plus a bit of life, to encourage both your creativity and your heart.

what’s in a name…
The meaning behind ‘Creative Little Women’ is twofold: First, it represents my 5 beautiful daughters, each incredibly creative in her own way. Seeing God’s creativity reflected in them is one of His greatest blessings in my life. Second, it represents every woman, as God has woven his creativity into each of us, we are creative by his design. Creativity is a gift from our Creator and when nurtured it has the ability to bring joy not only to our hearts, but to the hearts of those around us.

a bit of my history…
Born and raised in beautiful Bucks County, PA, I was blessed with a heritage of creativity and I loved making things! Macrame, salt dough, stenciling, sewing… crafting made me happy from the time I was little. As a wife and mom, it became the way I nurtured my home and family, just as my mom did for us.
For the last 20+ years a small town in Kansas has been our home and is where my husband serves as pastor. Our girls are each grown and live in different areas of the midwest. We stay connected almost daily, and always share with one another the things we’re making.

encouragement to create…
I hope you not only find something here that inspires your creativity but that you relax and enjoy the process of trial and error in the making. In our fast paced world of productivity and hurriedness the process of creating for the simple joy of doing so is so good for your soul.

encouragement in life…
My faith in Christ is my heartbeat and an integral part of my creativity. For me, creating is worshipful. I occasionally share what I’m learning on my journey as well as printable scripture that I create during my quiet time with the hope to encourage your heart.

❤︎ So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

A few random facts about me and my girls:

  1. Sewing, pattern making, graphic design, knitting and crochet, baking and food science, painting, crafting handmade treasures and podcasting and photography are some of the ways my girls and I love to create!
  2. Three of my five girls got married within 18 months of each other! That was an exciting and creative time!!
  3. When asked, “do you have five girls because you kept trying for a boy?”, my heartbreaking answer is that God did bless my husband and me with a precious baby boy, Abram Charles, and we look forward to spending an eternity with him because of the hope that we have through Christ.
  4. Being a grandparent is as amazing as they say (and more)! Hearing my grand-babies call me nana is one of the best sounds in the world!!
  5. Each one of us would agree that a ‘perfect day’ would be hanging out at home together crafting, drinking coffee, and watching Little Women and Pride & Prejudice, which incidentally happens to be about a family with 5 daughters.❤︎