DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

I am so excited to share with you today how to make your very own ghost garland! This is such a fun craft to make and use to get your home ready for spooky season! I always love decorating for autumn/halloween especially when it involves sweet handmade decor. So let’s get started!

What you need…

How to Make Your DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

First what you are gonna do is cut a 7.5×7.5 inch square of cheese cloth for each ghost, I folded mine over so it made 4 layers.

Next you will take the wood bead and glue. Apply the glue to half of your ball, then center the cheesecloth squares onto the glued area of the bead. Be sure one side is flattened nicely so you can paint on a face easily. Make sure that the holes are on the sides since we will be stringing twine through them later.

Over each of the holes, apply a dab of glue, kind of pressing it into the fabric towards the hole. This will help later when we poke a hole, so then the fabric won’t fray like crazy.

Now we are going to paint the face! You can do the same type of face I did, or you can do whatever your creative self desires! That’s the fun part, and there’s no wrong way!

Once the face dries you can take some sharp pointy pinking shears and poke through the holes on each side of the bead.

Once you have all of your ghosts made, it’s time to string them on your twine! I used a large eyed needle to help guide the twine through each ghost bead. 

Once you have them all on, space them out how you want and add a drop of hot glue through the bead to hold them in place. You can also use regular wet glue, just allow enough drying time. Tie the ends of the twine to add loops for hanging, and there you go! You now have your very own ghost garland!! 

I hope this craft brings warmth and festivities to your home! Please share your creations using #creativelittlemakes , we’d love to see them!

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