Diy painted clay earrings

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Hello everyone! Today I am going to share with you my process of making painted clay earrings! This type of craft is so fun because you can really take creative liberty in what you choose to make! You can play with mixing your own colors, creating new and unique designs, and the paint on them! There are a lot of different ways to make clay earrings, and a lot of different tools you can use to make it easier or use different techniques. I have just a handful of tools, and while I would love to have an endless supply, you can make just as good of earrings with a few tools as you can with many!

Tools and Supplies

Making Painted Clay Earrings

First thing you are gonna do is mix up the color of clay you want. Roll it out to about ⅛ inch thick. Then use your shape cutters to get the shapes that you want to use in your designs.

If you want to do a rainbow design, roll out your clay into tubes. Try to get them all evenly sized throughout the tube. You can gage how thick you want them depending on what size and look you are going for!

Next you we are gonna poke holes, these will be in the spots you plan to use jump rings to connect different pieces or attach your ear wire. Plan out how your earring will lay out, then carefully add holes, poking through each side to create a clear passageway. Try not to handle the unbaked earring too much to avoid smushes, dents, and fingerprints.

Once your holes are in you are ready to bake! Bake the clay at 230F for about 30 min, or whatever your clay packaging suggests.

After your clay is out and cooled, if you want to paint on them do that now. You can use acrylic paint and just be creative! Have fun and paint whatever you want! Once it’s dried, I would suggest using a sealer. The one I used was by polymer. I would avoid using mod podge because it tends to dry very sticky on things like clay.

Collect all the pieces of your earrings now and start putting them together using your jump rings. If you are making studs, use some EO6000 glue to secure the base onto your clay and give it good time to set and dry. I would highly recommend ordering good quality metal pieces from somewhere like Etsy. Using nicer metal really increases the look of quality of your earrings and is better if you have issues with sensitive ears.

Please share your creations with us and let us know in the comments your favorite tricks to making the best clay earrings! Be sure to use #creativelittlemakes

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