Laundry Room Printable

This is a printable that I made for our laundry room…

I’ve had this idea for a such a LONG time.
If you’re like me (or how I was when all 5 girls lived under my roof), laundry would pile up in a blink of an eye. I’d often pray for each of my girls as I folded their clothes. It was a great way to keep my focus on ‘doing all things for the glory of God’ (something that’s difficult to do, especially in the mundane tasks such as laundry!!).

A week ago BOTH my washer AND dryer bit the dust. That led to an impromptu laundry room makeover. The freshly painted walls inspired me to finally make this printable to frame and hang in my laundry area. I’ll put the link for ya’ll below.

Also, I’ve had some readers in the past share that they don’t have access to a printer. Because of this I’ve decided to offer a printed version in our Etsy shop. I’ll post a link to the listing after it’s up and running!
(printable link)
Happy washing!

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