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Choosing to be a vessel of grace. Plus a free printable scripture.

There’s so much fear and heartache in our world right now. For the first time in most of our lives we are all walking through hardship together. And while our trial might look similar in many ways, it’s also unique to each and every person. But God, as He has done throughout the generations, can use whatever trial we face to draw us to Himself. And he can do so in unique and beautiful ways.
He is a personal God.
He desires a personal relationship with each and every one of His children.
This is such an amazing and comforting truth.

God is our refuge in this ever-changing world.
Seasons of hardship often feel to me like I’m getting picked up by my feet and turned upside down, causing the things I’ve been clinging onto tightly for security to fall away. Things I didn’t even know had become my security. And I am left with a clearer picture of the One who is holding me tight.
The One who will never drop me from His hands.
The most beautiful thing I’ve noticed over the years is that as God reminds me, again and again, that He is all I need, He does so gently and with great compassion.
He never shames me for my heartache, big or small. He doesn’t shame me for holding onto the wrong things.
He tenderly reveals to me where my hope was misplaced and reminds me again of His constant presence in an ever-changing world.
He is all we need.

How can we love one another well through this difficult time?
Let’s make it our aim to love those around us the way He loves us. Giving grace to one another, and allowing them to extend grace to us. We are all dealing differently because of our many different circumstances. Refuse to shame someone for grieving what to you may seem insignificant in the bigger picture. Refuse to look lightly on someone’s fears that may seem small to you. Their fear and their loss is part of their story that is yet to unfold, part of what God desires to use to draw them to Himself.
To God, there is no insignificant fear and no insignificant heartache.

The other day I had to tell my sweet Gracie that her senior year in high school was over.
No prom. No final performances. No graduation.
And she wept.
And while my momma’s heart wanted to fix it, or even find the ‘silver lining’, I realized I needed to simply allow her to grieve what she has lost. And the words I shared with her are words I believe we need to remind each other daily…
Yes grieve, but let God in.
Speak your fears and your heartache to your heavenly Father.
He can even handle your anger. He is a big, big God.
But do not shut Him out.
Turn to Him and He alone can heal your hurting heart. He alone can calm your fears.
He desires to be in a relationship with you and He promises that when we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.

Psalm 28:7
The  Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.
My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

Psalm 28:7 5×7 printable

Please, if you would like for me to pray for you during this difficult season, message below or email me here. I would consider it a blessing to walk through this difficult time with you in prayer. ❤︎

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