Being Creative. Intentionally + a Printable Calendar (updated)

free printable calendar and organizational print outs

Have you noticed how creativity is such a ‘buzzword’ today?

It’s everywhere! Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram…

Every time I see a photo of a beautiful room makeover or a super cute craft project my brain starts racing with ideas! I get so inspired to make something new.

Immediately the battle begins in my head. Should I really spend my time doing this? How important is any of this, really? My heart is torn between the steady barrage of beautiful photos that make me excited to create & the burden for deeper issues. There’s so much hurting in the world.

Can I really justify taking the time to be creative?

Does anyone else struggle with this?  I have such a desire to create, yet I really want to spend my time on things that matter most, things that will make a difference. I’ve been struggling with this battle off & on for a long time & praying for clarity.

free printable clipboard calendar and organizational sheets

I believe the answer is found in our intentions.

When I looked up the definition for intention I loved what it said…
“Done on purpose; deliberate.”
There are two things that the Lord has been showing me.

  • Our deep desire to create comes from God, the master creator. We are made in His image, why wouldn’t we have these passions!
  • He gave us these passions & talents to enjoy & to use them to love well. We were made to love & our lives become joyful when we use our talents to love others.

We hope to inspire you on your creative journey. 

Encouraging you to enjoy the gift of creativity and to use it to love well.

printable calendar and organizational sheets {free}

Below is a download for our printable 2016 clipboard calendar, it’s my favorite way to stay organized.

I’ve painted a basic wooden clipboard with chalk paint and sealed it with some Johnson’s paste wax. Super cute, easy and inexpensive. A triple win! 😉


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  1. LOVE this topic!! Thank you for sharing your heart!! Can’t wait to chalk paint a clipboard today and print out your calendar!

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