seeing yourself as the creative that you are

“There’s not a creative bone in my body!”

“I’ve just never been very creative.”

“I just don’t think I can” . . .

I’d continue to hear this reoccurring theme from a small few in a roomful of 60+ chattering young mom’s during the final 30 minutes of our bi-weekly MOPS gathering.

Made in His image

It was the craft portion of our meeting and I was the craft leader. It certainly wasn’t the majority of the women, just a handful in each session. They mingled amongst the others, such as the confident creatives. Those who would quickly take their seat, listen intently to my instructions so as to quickly get to work. And the socially starving momma’s. Those who preferred to embrace every moment of adult interaction and would take their craft home partially done hoping to conquer it when their kids took their afternoon nap.

Feeling the joy of a project accomplished. That was the goal of this time. Something mom’s of little’s rarely experience but often crave.

But these few young mommas would be halted, believing themselves incapable of completing the task. Simply because they had believed a lie that said, ‘I’m not creative’.

Maybe you are someone who’s actually spoken these words. Or at the very least said words like, “I’m not as creative as _____”.

Think for just a minute about how the Creator of this universe made you.

God, the amazing creator who brought all the universe into existence, chose to make man in His own image.  That means creativity is literally written into your DNA.

Learn to be the creative you are

Claiming we are not creative robs us of living and serving in the unique way that God intended. It also causes us to miss out on a great deal of joy.

How do we change our perspective so that we can discover our creative passions?

First, do not oversimplify the definition of creativity. It is not only reserved for the artistic or musically inclined. Creativity is seen in countless places.

Second, choose to be content. Nurture your passions and encourage others in theirs. As the body of Christ, we were made to complement one another. Choosing to be content with who God made you to be means not comparing. If you find this difficult, know that you are not alone. Ask God for help, and choose to celebrate the beauty of the body of Christ!

Third, if you’re struggling to find your creative passions start looking for answers. Ask the Lord to help you see what He sees. I believe He will open your eyes to your unique giftings. He may need to reveal some of the lies that you have unknowingly believed. Ask Him for wisdom as you navigate this process, something He promises to graciously give when we ask. As you begin to discover your passions, seek ways to sharpen your skills. Also, remember to abide in the Lord as you allow him to work in and through you. Some of the sweetest moments of fellowship with the Father come when using your creative abilities to His glory.

Free scripture coloring pages.

I pray that you will rest and delight in the truth that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and in doing so may you experience the fullness of joy that God desires you to have.

Psalm 139:14 {printable 5×7}

Below are 2 scripture coloring pages to enjoy!

Psalm 139 coloring page


John 10 coloring page

Scripture coloring pages.


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  1. Love this! I never thought about creativity this way, especially since I’ve believed the lie of “not being creative enough”

    1. I’m so glad you’ve been encouraged Amanda. Definitely do not believe that lie!! We love you! Give that precious little girl a smooch for us :)

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