Throwing A Homeschool Valentine’s “Class” Party

I have a LOT of nostalgia when it comes to anything related to an elementary school class party.

Anyone else out there a fan of the crazy valentines cards? The goofy dogs, the funny puns, the kind that cuts right to the chase that’s printed right on the box of candy itself.

Ah yes,  the candy.

The Little Debbie heart shaped cakes.

The bright construction paper crafts.

What a time. (Okay probably not that spectacular, but isn’t it any kid’s dream to skip math to eat cake and play with scissors and glue?)

Emily’s kids are homeschooled, which made me think-

Let’s Throw Our Own “Class Party”

Now, time to recreate the Pillars of an Elementary School Classroom Valentine’s Party.

1. Valentine’s Day Party Cards

I (with help from Pinterest) came up with three Valentine’s cards that went along with a gift or treat, so that each kid could make their three siblings a card. I made each one a coloring page so that they could all personalize them. They did a really cute job picking out the colors they thought the other one would like. 

You’re Dino-mite (with a dino eraser)

You’re A-MAZE-ing! (with a small heart maze toy)

You’re Sweet! (with candy)

I also did a You’re Ink-redible! (with a pen) for my daughter to give to her cousins.

Download the coloring pages I made here!

boy coloring Valentine's Day cards
Valentine's Day cards
boy coloring Valentine's Day cards

2. Homemade Little Debbie Heart Shaped Cakes

plate of Valentine's Day heart cakes
boy eating a Valentine's Day heart cake

Okay to be honest this was totally for myself, I don’t think these kids have had anything close to this kind of snack cake before. Could I have just bought them? Yes. BUT, why deprive Hannah from the challenge of making a beautiful and fun homemade version? I wanted to be a loving sister and give her the opportunity to feed me cake, this is Valentine’s Day after all.

Check out her process and review here

3. Craft Time

Love bug magnets for mom!

I gave this project to Mom and Gracie, and what they came up with was pretty stinkin’ adorable. 

Their process AND a template can be found here.

4. Game Time

All credit goes to  No Time for Flash Cards for this awesome “musical hearts” game!

Check out her website for the details because this game was a hit. The kids got some energy out and had fun acting out some silly scenes we wrote down on the back of the cards. (we removed each heart after use, so the circle would get smaller and smaller).

Bonus: Strawberry Soda Cloud Drinks!

Gracie made these ADORABLE drinks by wetting and rolling the edges of the glass with sprinkles, adding cotton candy punched with a straw, and filling it with some classic strawberry soda

Valentine’s Day Party Review

The party went by surprisingly smoothly (you never know with kids what might happen!).

Here are a few highlights that I believe made the day extra enjoyable for all.

  1. Prep: we tried to get as much work done as we could before hand, and it made the activities a bit faster paced and easier for the kids
  2. Plan the events: seemed intense to have a schedule, but it actually made me feel more relaxed knowing that the order of events were planned out already
  3. An Active Game: we threw this in last minute and it was great exercise, and entertaining to watch!
  4. Watching the kids open their box of Valentines: it was beyond sweet to see the kids open each other’s cards and exchange “wow”’s and thank you’s to one another. 

In the past, I didn’t want to make “too big of a deal” out of Valentine’s day. People often say it is overrated. But now I see it as an opportune time carved out of people’s busy schedules to get together and celebrate love and friendship. So, better safe than sorry to make “too big of a deal” out of having fun with people you love and sharing Christ’s love for each other than to try to play it cool and have another Valentine’s day go by uncelebrated.

Hope you have gained some inspiration to throw your own party with friends and family!

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