resting in who God made you to be + a valentine craft

Have you ever attempted to comfort your child’s heart only to find the message you’re trying to convey turn around & wallop you?

Yesterday I saw my daughter sitting on the sofa with this look that said, “I’m trying to have fun sitting here with y’all” ….”but I’m not okay deep down inside.”

I’m so thankful when God nudges me so that I don’t miss these cues.

When I asked what was bugging her she said, “What’s wrong with me? Why am I not like everyone else?

“Like who?”

“You know. Everyone. All the other girls in school who can just be outgoing & talk easily, sharing in everyone’s conversations. Why can’t I do that?”

I knew what she meant the second she said it.

I grew up painfully shy. I’d get asked all the time if I could even speak. I’m still more of an introvert even today. I began to tell her that God created her just the way that she is and that she is wonderfully made.  And maybe next time when she found herself struggling with the same feelings she could look around for someone else who was watching but not engaging & reach out & connect with them. When I started to say “we are all wired differently, not everyone can be ‘the head cheerleader,’ nor would we want them to be,” my words hit me.

I want each of my daughters to be at peace with who God wired them to be. Not trying to fit into another girl’s role that may look more appealing. Yet, how often do I ask the same thing! I often think “What’s wrong with me?” Instead of accepting the way God made me I choose to see my differences as shortcomings rather than characteristics that could be used to help someone else.

~Lord help us to accept who you made us to be, knowing that when united together we become the body of Christ. May we be faithful to what you have called us to do, knowing that we are responsible to use the gifts you have given to us, not the ones that you have given to others. Thank you for your never-ending love. Teach us to abide in you.
Moment by moment.

Below is a download for a Valentine banner! It’s a fun, easy craft to make with your kids. We’re hoping it allows some good quality time for you & your family. And maybe some good conversations as well!!

printable valentine banner tutorial

Supplies needed:
white card stock
UHU glue stick (or other quality glue…but trust us, UHU is amazing!)
crepe paper streamers
yarn for hanging
paper cutter/scissors

Print out the banner from the links below. Trim crepe paper into squares. Bunch up from center & glue to the guide letters that are faintly printed on the banner, placing crepe paper pieces tightly together. String from yarn (cut to your desired length). Enjoy!

Valentine Swag 1

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    1. Hi Robyn! Thank you!! I’m finding now that I’m older I’m often humbled by what my grown daughters need to remind me of. I guess we’re never through learning!

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